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Name: Teg-On

Age: 20 years old.

Clan: Any

Heigh: 1.30m

Teg is a Badger living in the hills Tejonianas. He spent his days peacefully in that place, until suddenly decided to travel and see the world to acquire knowledge. So that over time a very famous vigilante became among small villages.

Teg tirelessly looking for something but do not know clearly that is yet. One day between his trips to the village of Manzanita and they ask for help to catch thieves who recently escaped, thus meets Dash.



Name: Dash Cash

Age: 25 years old.

Clan: Black Knight.

Heigh: 1.25m

Cash Dash is a renegade Dark Knight, abandoning everything he knew including your family and children to know their true destiny and purpose. This decision will bring many difficulties as great enemies go after him to make him pay for betraying their sacred order.



Name: Korinto Carmesí

Age: 28 years old.

Clan: Blood knight.

Heigh: 1.40m

Korinto a ruthless and bloody character. Will do whatever it takes to fulfill its ambitions; Thus his great fame in Reinier (The kingdom where it comes Dash and Korinto) King sends him on an important mission. He must bring the Dash’head at all costs and make him pay for the sacrilege he committed. This makes Korinto fence in your search with many determinations.


Name: Suria

Age: 30 years old.

Clan: Unknow

Heigh: 2.00m
Suria an enigmatic and powerful being, both its strength and its intentions are a total mystery. Something nobody knows is that just before Suria is meet with Igaluk this held a battle with an extremely powerful being, possibly as powerful as him.



Name: Igaluk Cold

Age: 22 years old.

Clan: North Foxes.

Heigh: 1.90m

A soldier of the elite. Igaluk has a past filled with suffering and perseverance which deeply marked him. It has a great mission to bring back the soilder Dash to the world of Reinier, for return the balance to both worlds.



Name: Odón Capa Dorada

Age: 35 years old.

Clan: South boars

Heigh: 2.00m

Odon is the absolute leader of wild boars, that live in all Renier. The Boars swore before the stone statues of their great ancestors would protect their land and retain their traditions over time, along the mighty Odon to the head.


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